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A workout & meal plan you can actually stick to

Finally lose fat and get healthy - in just 7 weeks!

Next round starts Aug 5th

From our clients...

Does this sound like you?

I don't know what to eat





You next meal is always a guess - and usually comes from a drive-thru or vending machine in a pinch.


I don't know what to lift




You feel lost in the gym, or end up just doing the same old routine from a magazine


I don't have time 




Kids, work, travel - there aren't enough hours in the day to prep food or workout

I need someone to hold me accountable



You know you can do this, you just need someone in your corner


TRIM gives you everything you need

✔️Personalized Nutrition Tracking

      Macro tracker +  diverse meal plan library


✔️Flexible on-demand, PDF workouts

      Designed for the gym or home


✔️An app you can take anywhere

      All meals, workouts, and motivation is right at your fingertips 


✔️Direct feedback from a live trainer

      Daily feedback and there to help you with all of your questions.  


From our clients...

The choice is yours!

The way we see it - you can take one of two roads here.


You can keep doing what you're doing - even though we both know its not working.


Ten years from now:

You'll be 20lbs+ heavier...

Talking about the glory days when you could "bench" 225...

Making dad bod jokes about yourself...

Though you hate taking your shirt off on vacation...

Going to a chiro for your "bad back"...

Still eating McDOOGIES every day on the way to work...

Too tired to coach your kid's team after a long week...


Read what this client said ⬇️

OR you could:

Screen Shot 2024-07-08 at 11.08.13 AM.png

Make some simple tweaks TODAY that will change everything:


Always know where your next meal is coming from...

Become an absolute savage in the gym...

Create hours each day to focus on yourself without sacrificing family time...


Look and act like the superhero your kids think you are... 

Literally add years to your life to spend with your family...


Outpace, outbench, outperform your 20-year-old self...

Have other dads coming up to you asking how you did it...

ALL with someone HELPING you along the way.

So what's it gonna be? 

From our client...

Always know exactly what to eat

Balance protein, carbs, and fats for a manageable diet that supports muscle building, fat loss, and overall health. Hit your goal numbers and the weight will come off!

Workout with Dumbbells

Know exactly what to do in the gym and at home

Never feel lost again. Workout anytime, anywhere with easy-to-follow PDF guides and on-demand workouts in the app. 


Actually stick to a program

Ensure you stay on track with flexible scheduling, daily motivation, and adaptable workouts ensure you stay on track and achieve your goals. 

A real trainer to hold you accountable

Stay on track with a real Certified Personal Trainer available to check in throughout the week and answer any specific questions.

What to expect.

You will never have to wonder "what should I be doing?" Through the full program, we guide you each day on what to do, how to make better decisions, and keep you motivated.

1. Check your Daily Post




See your workout, meal plan and motivation first thing in the morning.


2. Get your workout in


Hit the day's workout or pick an on-demand beat-down if you're on the go.


3. Stick to the meal plan



Eat all of the foods you love, just eat the right amount.


4. Check in at night

Submit your daily intake and activity and get a real response the next morning.


Hundreds of lives changed

TRIM has helped hundreds of men lose weight by building habits that lead to a healthier physical and mental state. 

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